Victoria welcomes students, migrants and is the state of choice for over half of Australia’s business and investor migrants from Asian countries.

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria: a state with an estimated resident population of nearly 6 million people.

Victoria celebrates its rich culture and diverse population, with 200 countries represented and 260 languages spoken in homes across the State.

Its prosperity is marked by a state government whose economy is the only one in Australia with a AAA credit rating, with stable outlook for both major credit rating agencies.

Victoria makes up 24 per cent of Australia’s economic activity; its economy is bigger than Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand respectively. Melbourne has a strong history of innovation in advanced manufacturing, technology, health and education.

More than a quarter of Australia’s financial services companies are located in Victoria. It’s also home to eight of the 15 largest Australian industry superannuation funds, an industry with $2 trillion under management nationwide.

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